May 14, 2021

Earneo the YouTube alternative you never heard about.

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Welcome to Findthings. Here we publish articles on how to make money online. If you are new to this site consider Subscribe to our email newsletter and allow us to notify you when we publish a new articles on how to make more money online. If you are looking for a way to make your first dollar online. You are highly welcome. In this article I will share with you Earneo the Youtube Alternative ymou never heard about.

Earneo is a video sharing platform built in Blockchain technology to support contents creators, viewers and content moderators. We all know that to make money online has never been easy. But Earneo makes it very easy for everyone to make money online and even when you are sleeping (PASSIVE INCOME). home page

As a vlogger I have been looking for youtube alternative app. Until I came across this Amazing app that rewards content creators like us with 65% of the ads revenue. If you are an artist, vlogger, influencer, journalist, video gamers you will earn what you deserved.

How to register on Earneo

To start making money from your contents all you need to do is to Register and create your channel. After creating your channel, upload your profile picture and banner artwork (cover photo). Upload your videos and start making money. Unlike youtube that suffer content creators to have atleast 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch time Hours. Before accepting you to their partnership program. This youtube policy has made some small YouTubers unsuccessful. It also discouraged amateur vloggers to showcase their contents.

Earneo monetised your contents and pay you 65% of the Ads revenue. Viewers can also earn 20% ads revenue on Unlike youtube where you earn no money by watching your favourite movies. The amazing thing is that Earneo also pay you 3% ads revenue for participating on contents moderations. This App pave ways for everyone no matter your country. You can participate and make your first dollar online. Earneo is trusted by millions of content creators and viewers around the world.

Earneo video views


What is Earneo?

Earneo is formerly known as Snapparazzi Tv. According to the founder. Earneo is a real contender in the media sharing platform arena. Compare to the popular media platforms.

What can Earneo do for you ?

Meanwhile Earneo pay you 65% of ads revenue as a content creator. If you are among those that spent 2 hours watching videos online on YouTube. To can monetise your time on Earneo and get paid 20% of Ads revenue. If you participate on contents moderations Earneo pay you 3% of the ads revenue.

When will I start earning on this platform?

Earning starts immediately after your contents is enjoyed by other users on the platform. No need to wait for 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours to start monetising your contents. Viewers earn for watching their favourite videos. more you watch videos is more you earn .

What Currency is supported on Earneo?

To make it easy for everyone to participate on this platform. Earneo paid users with crypto currency (RNO). A user earn RNO TOKEN. withdraw buttom will appear When a user earned 250 RNO TOKEN. content creators , viewers and moderators are rewarded with RNO TOKEN.

What is RNO TOKEN?

RNO TOKEN is a Binance chain BEP2 token used to reward Earneo users. According to Coingecko 1 RNO TOKEN COST.

1 RNO TOKEN 0.02221742 USD
0.00000038 BTC
0.00007472 BNB
RNO token price charts.


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