May 15, 2021

How to make a huge amounts of money with your WhatsApp Tv

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Hello in this article I will show you how to make a huge amounts of money with your whatsapp Tv [ whatsapp status]

Alot of people are making money already using these methods I will share with you stay tuned. WhatsApp is a end to end encrypted messaging app which I believe that you already have it right on your phone. There are two types of WhatsApp. WhatsApp messenger and Whatsapp for business. I strongly recommend that you should use whatsapp Business because it has alots of features and you can easily customise automatic response to your client or audience.


When I said Whatsapp TV I mean your WhatsApp status . Don’t be surprised on how to make a huge amounts of money with your whatsapp status. This method I will share with you works exactly thesame way bloggers and instagramers make money. All you need is audience.

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Dequirements for WhatsApp TV

[1] CHOOSE A NICHE : Niche is very important concerning whatsapp TV. This whatsapp TV is all about Education | Entertainment | all you have to do is to choose a niche you can handle it can be Comedy | course and tutorial. Make sure you always post what people are interested in. Imagine when you get 1000 to 2000 status views per day.

[2] LOGO : your logo speaks much about your products and services. Create a logo and upload it as your whatsapp profile picture.

my whatsapp TV logo

[3] HIGH QUALITY SMART PHONE : when I talk about high quality smart phone I mean a phone that have a high ROM AND RAM, it will help you so that your device won’t be lagging. I recommend you should use a phone with 32Gb to 250Gb internal storage and 2gb ram up to 6gbram.

[4] AUDIENCE : This is the most important and the key to this method. To start making money from a blog or a YouTube ,even on Instagram you must have audience. I have a friend who has 5000 WhatsApp contacts and 95% view his status daily. This is one of the people who are making alot money from WHATSAPP even when they are sleeping. All you need to do is to grow your Audience.

Methods of making money with whatsapp TV

Advert is the most popular ways of making money online these days. As we are in the era of technology. Alot of people are making money online even when they sleep. You too you can start making money online from your whatsapp status with these methods I will list below.

[1] ADVERT : To be able to make money on whatsapp. You must need audience like I said earlier. I mean people you will sell ads to. Just like we bloggers | YouTubers and even instagramers. When you get about 5000 status views daily. Brands and companies will Approach you. Just like they does with television companies. Because they will like you to recommend their products and services to your audience. These brands are willing to pay you cash. You can also make money with shout-out. Someone can pay you to make a shout-out, it can be upcoming musician. Comedians and even some instagramers.

[2] AFFILIATE MARKETING : Affiliate marketing is another important way to monetise your whatsapp status. If you know a brand or a product that can pay you a good comission when people buys them. You can recommend your Affiliate marketing to your audience and get paid once your Audience purchase the produc.

[3] YOUR OWN PRODUCTS : If you own a product or online stores like Redbubble. You can display your products before your audience and they gonna purchase them.

To make money online is hard , there’s no easy way to make money. Only if you can determine. Determination is the key to success. Thanks for joining us . JOIN MY WHATSAPP TV HERE

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