June 11, 2021

Top 5 Signs to tell if you are destined to be Rich

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Welcome to findthings. here I will share with you. Top 5 Signs to tell if you are destined to be rich. I must tell you today that alot of people are confused about there destiny. Due to the current situation they are into. Many are born in a poor family and they give up, saying how am I gonna make it in life when I am born in a poor family. just because they don’t know these signs.

Top 5 Signs to tell if you are destined to be rich

  • Rich are naturally lucky
  • You have a money lines in your palms
  • They doesn’t Believe in Failure
  • You have Vision
  • A creative Mindsets.

1 RICH are naturally lucky

Lucky people always have a positive expectations and they always found favour in the eyes of men. Bible said in Exodus 12:36 And the Lord gave the people such Favour in the sight of the Egyptians. And they granted their requests, and isrealites stripped the Egyptians of its wealth. Aliko DANGOTE who is the Richest man in Africa and 23rd world richest man was blessed by Arch Bishop Benson Idahosah. Because he gave his seat to a guess who need to travel from Benin Republic to Lagos to catch up his flight back to United States. Bishop Idahosah blessed him and that was where his success started. Today he is the Richest man in Africa.

2 You have a Money lines in your Palm

Alot of people are designed to be rich . According to PALMISTRY. men with money lines are destined to be rich. It’s a sign of wealth and riches.it happens that some Billionaires in our society are born with money lines right in their palm.

  • MUKESH AMBANI — Indian Richest man .
  • Bill Gate — Microsoft founder and former world richest man.
  • Jeff Bezos — Founder and CEO of Amazon.
  • Sanchin Tendukar — Indian cricketer.
  • Warren Buffett — CEO of Bankshire Hathaway.
  • Rajinikantha superstar — Indian Actor.
  • P.J Abdul Kalam — Ex Indian president.
  • Sushant Singh — Indian Actor.
  • Imran Khan — Prime minister of parkistan.

And more of them ..


Some men doesn’t believe in Failure and that’s why they prosper . Some Entrepreneurs, bloggers , vloggers ,developers will set up a business and when it failed . They will give up and abandon it . But those who doesn’t believe in failure will succeed. Take a look at JAMES ALTUCHER . James altucher is American Author founded a web design company [Reset Inc.] . he sold his company for 10$ million USD and lost everything thing due to wrong investment. James was left by 143$ USD in his account. Eventually he worked up and started a blog . From Blogging he started writing books . Now he is a popular author and a millionaire. With a networths of $50 million USD. he doesn’t believe in failure.


A vision simply means an inspirational idea or emotional future of a person . If you don’t have a vision you don’t have a future. It’s clearly that you don’t know what you are doing. Do you know that this blog you are reading now it’s my personal vision to be accomplished. Bill Gate said. If you are born poor is not your fault but if you die poor it’s your fault.


Having a creative Mindset give rise to success. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg launched his website thefacebook.com on Feb 2004 and later change the name to Facebook.com on 2005 . His course mates and roommates signed up. within 2 weeks half of the students signed up and took it as an easiest way of communication. Today Facebook has over 5+ Billion downloads on playstore. Mark Zuckerberg net worths hits $107.7 Billion USD in 2020 . Creative Mindset.

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Conclusion :- These are ways to determine if you are destined to be rich. But don’t forget that silver and gold belong to God . Don’t just relax for money to locate you . You must work for it and through that God will bless your destiny.

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