May 14, 2021

[WhatsApp new policy] All you need to know and recommended app

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Welcome to findthings renew your mindset. well I have been receiving calls, emails regarding this WhatsApp new policy, many people has been asking me findthings what do you have to say about this, what are we going to do. What about the businesses we do with WhatsApp.

Well you shouldn’t be worried because you are in the right place. You know ?

Never feel sad of losing anything in your life. Because whenever a tree loses its leaf. A new one is ready to replace it.

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Don’t skip too early because I will show you 3 apps to replace WhatsApp. If you cannot accept this [WhatsApp new policy], here are All you need to know and recommended app.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp logo

Whatsapp is end to end encrypted messaging app. Founded in 2009 by Brian action & Jan Koun the former Yahoo employees. In February 2014 Facebook announced its plan to buy WhatsApp. which Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg later bought $19Billion. On 2019 Facebook started integration with whatsapp, since then WhatsApp has been sharing data with Facebook. Remember WhatsApp is end to end encrypted messaging app which no one can see your message not even WhatsApp employees. But due to the new policy many people are willing to quit WhatsApp on February 8 2021.

[WhatsApp new policy]

WhatsApp announced that it will force users to share information with Facebook. If they are willing to use the service. And if you cannot accept the following terms and conditions, you won’t be able to use WhatsApp. Which excluded EU continent due to their GDPR laws.

WhatsApp new policy

Whatsapp announced that users must accept and provide following information which includes;

  • User profile name
  • Profile picture
  • IP Address
  • Battery levels
  • Phone signal strength
  • App and phone version
  • Browser information
  • Mobile network
  • Connection information
  • Phone number
  • Mobile operator / ISP
  • Language and time zone
  • Device operating information
  • Identifier include identifiers unique to Facebook company products. Associated with the same device or Account.

According to whatsapp the purpose of this policy, is to offer integrations across the Facebook company products. Which include INSTAGRAM and MESSENGER. and to target advert to you, for Instance.

When you share a link of a product to your contact on whatsapp, whatsapp will share the information with Facebook, messenger and Instagram to display and target ads your contact browser and apps. People are not happy with this whatsapp new policy.

Recommended apps to replace WhatsApp

Signal logo

Signal is a private messaging app released on 25 may 2010. This app is available for Android. IOS, DESKTOP AND MAC. It’s available on all mobile stores. And it has alots of features more than Whatsapp messenger but lack one thing😭 [ STATUS ] . According to our review signal is end to end encrypted messaging app just like WhatsApp . Which has features Such as :

  • View message details
  • Group link or QR Code
  • Manage a group
  • Delete for everyone
  • @mention friend in a group
  • Storage management
  • Fonts size options
  • Language options
  • Mark as read and unread
  • Message forwarding
  • Pin and unpin chats
  • Broadcast media, a user can send videos and images to multiple contacts at same time.
  • In app notification options
  • Message reaction
  • View once media
  • Stickers
  • Signal desktop keyboard shortcuts
  • Navigation to settings
  • Set and manage disappearing message, signal will automatically delete your message once your friend view them.
  • Typing indicator
  • Insight link preview, you can preview a link received by a contact before clicking on them.
  • Archeiving and unacheiving chats
  • Screen security, users can set automatic screen lock.
  • Device unlock
  • Leave a group
  • Dual SIM, a user can integrate sms and MMS in signal and use both SIM to send sms
  • Invite friends to join signal, a user can invite contact to join signal with link or QR CODE SCANNER. No one can add you to a group without your invitation approval.
  • Block Numbers and groups
  • Red Receipts
  • Backup and restore messages
  • Screen lock
  • Screenshot protection

With signal you can easily protect your chat from screenshot and set a signal pin to lock the app. But Signal lack STATUS BAR. The developer might add a status bar later but for now no status bar.

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Supfrica logo and dashboard

Supfrica is a peer to peer messaging app. Just like whatsapp, This messaging app have all the features whatsapp has. Supfrica was Developed by a Sierra Leonean [ Hafiz Alhassan Kanu] and it becomes the first African man to create WhatsApp alternative app. This app is available on Play store and app stores.

Features of SUPFRICA
  • Voice and Video calls
  • Disappearing message
  • Status bar
  • Message forwarding up to 20 contacts
  • Red Receipts
  • Typing indicator
  • Last seen options
  • Status privacy options
  • Groups
  • 2G / 3G and 4G network for voice and video calls.

Supfrica user can group add unlimited contacts while WhatsApp has limited from members. A user can forward a message up to 20 contacts at same time while WhatsApp allows only 5 contacts.


we are not Affiliated with those app recommended in this article. If you are not willing to accept the WhatsApp new policy. terms and conditions. We recommend that you should test these 2 Apps to protect your privacy and identity. Tesla CEO Elon musk also recommend these apps. In his tweets.

Thanks for joining us. If you love this article kindly share this with your friends on social media. Sharing is caring. Best regards ✍️

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