May 15, 2021

Zugacoin and everything you have to know before investing your money

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Welcome to Findthings. In this article I will explain zugacoin and everything you have to know before investing your money. Before we proceed let’s find out what Zugacoin is all about.

Zugacoin is a decentralised digital currency built in Blockchain technology. just like Bitcoin | litcoin | Ethereum | Bitcoincash | Montero and so on. It’s a peer to peer (P2P) currency control by no one.

Crypto currency was first established in the year 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. In 2009 Nakamoto released Bitcoin to the world and world traders began to exchanging and mining the currency. Many countries around the world and Top super stars are all into crypto currency. We are not going to talk about bitcoin so let’s go back to our topic.

Zugacoin was launched in September 2020 and it has received many endorsement from top politicians and presidents.

Vice president of Nigeria Prof Yemi Osibanjo discribed this currency as a welcome development. Indeed it’s a welcome development. According to CEO / founder Zugacoins Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga this Blockchain technology was established to help decrease poverty in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Archbishop Sam Zuga speech


Zugacoin emerged as first crypto currency company to pay users after 3 months of launched. It remains the most valuable crypto in the Blockchain technology. According to cryptoCapmarket Zugacoin cost about 106million Naira Equivalent to 256,733 USD . Unlike Bitcoin .

On march 20th 2021 Zugacoin was successfully launched withdrawal option to enable users to transfer their fund direct to their fiat currency account (BANK).

Therefore this crypto currency is trusted by political elites, Priests and Businessmen. Another greatest news is that zuga has launched a partnership program with Nigerian motor corporation known as innoson motors Inc Ltd. Innoson customers can now purchase their cars and other products with Zugacoin.

Archbishop Sam Zuga with innoson motors CEO

How can I join Zugacoin Blockchain

To get started with Zugacoin kindly visit download Zugacoin wallet on playstore and appstores for IOS users.

Create a user account and fill the available forms. Make sure you used a valid email address then after account registration make a deposit.

To make things easy kindly join Zugacoin Whatsapp group for guidelines. Remember Zugacoin is not only made for Nigerians alone. Anyone can be part of this development. It’s worldwide.

Who is the founder of Zugacoin

  • Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga(CEO /FOUNDER )
  • Jethro Zuga ( Vice president)
  • Prof. Mkpa Agu Mkpa (Head Departments/ Projects and manager.
  • Karen Lurve (Promotion/Marketing
  • Marvelous Nnena ( Director General Sam Zuga Foundation Co.LTD project CPO.

Who can buy /sell or trade this currency?

First of all Zugacoin is a decentralised currency built in Blockchain technology. It’s control by no one. Everyone can participate irrespective of your country. Zugacoin has multiple payment gateways such as. PayPal | Verve | mastero | visa | wire.

Where can I buy Zugacoin

Zugacoin users can buy /sell or trade this currency on | | |

How can I contact Zugacoin ?

If you encounter any problem kindly contact Zugacoin (

Archbishop Sam zuga with Senator Orji uzo Kalu

This is much for today. Now you have read Zugacoin and everything you have to know before investing your money. Zugacoin is a Legitimate and Trusted Digital currency in Nigeria and Africa at large. Invest on Zugacoin and change your life for Good.

Thanks for reading .

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